About Symposium

The inaugural symposium under the increasing women’s representation in law project will be held along with the 1st women in law awards in 2021. The selected papers shall be published in the ‘Pakistan Journal of Diversity and Inclusion’ Vol 1 in 2021. The journal will be based on the symposium.

The themes for the 1st symposium under the project are:

  1. Why Fair Representation Matters?
  2. Structural Impediments towards Women’s Advancement in Law
  3. Women’s Fair Representation in Judiciary
  4. Women and Bar Politics
  5. Workplace, Women and the Law
  6. Justice Sector with a Gender and Child Justice Lens
  7. Women and their Contribution to Law and Jurisprudence
  8. Jurisprudence and Gender
  9. By the Men, for the Women: Lack of Representative Voice in Laws Impacting Women

Author Guidelines

  • There will be a two-stage process for submission of the papers. In the first instance, the participants will be expected to submit a 200-250 word abstract of their proposed paper.
  • Deadline for submission of Abstract is 30 days after issuance of call for papers;
  • Only the candidates whose abstracts are selected will be asked to submit the complete papers;
  • Deadline for submission of complete papers is 3 months after the acceptance of the Abstract;
  • All manuscripts should be in MS Word format;
  • All text should be in double space with 1-inch margin on all sides using a Times New Roman font of size 12;

Please include:

  • a title page with the title of the article and author’s contact information (postal address, institution/organisation/affiliation, phone, and email);
  • a starred footnote next to the author’s name with author’s biography and acknowledgement;
  • Any material submitted to the Journal should be original and must not have been published elsewhere;
  • Co-authorship/multiple authorship is permitted;
  • The length of articles should be between 4000 to 6000 words. The articles should be thoroughly researched and referenced by way of footnotes;
  • Contributions will only be considered for publication if they comply with the style guide;
  • All papers must follow OSCOLA style guide for references.
  • All abstract/papers, along with copyright notice and paper submission form must be submitted only via email to [email protected]