About WIL Awards

The ‘Women in Law Awards’

  1. Recognize and acknowledge the achievements and contribution of the work of Pakistani female lawyers in the legal profession including in academia, in-house counselling or other fields;
  2. Honor the firms/institutions/bodies that show commitment to inclusion and diversity so that an incentive to promote good practices and policies that could in-turn ensure an inclusive and accessible legal profession;
  3. Highlight the hard work of women in law not just to celebrate and recognize the contribution of their labor that otherwise often goes unnoticed due to inherent challenges of lack of transparency in career advancement, but also mainly to
  4. Inspire future generations, especially young female students and those from the minorities, so, they are able to:

  • Aspire for an equal and inclusive space within the legal profession,
  • so that the legal profession itself and Pakistan as a country may benefit from a progressive and softer image of being inclusive and diverse.

Application Guidelines

  • A candidate may apply or be nominated for up to THREE categories at a time. 
  • All applications must be accompanied by a CV. 
  • All applications must be accompanied by name, email and contact of at least TWO academic or professional referees. 
  • All applications along with supporting documents and other material must be emailed to [email protected]
  • Incomplete applications will not be processed however, we reserve the right to seek any further information arising out of your application that may be required to facilitate the nomination and selection process. 
  • Any queries should be emailed to [email protected]