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1 Conference on Rights of Persons with Disabilities The Conference on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities serves as an important milestone in LUMS’s aim of promoting safe, secure, accessible, and inclusive spaces for Persons with Disabilities at the Higher Education Level in Pakistan. This highly interactive two-day event will consist of sessions on disability rights and movements. The Conference is designed to raise awareness of the importance of creating a future where persons with disabilities experience equal opportunity and develop policy proposals to chart this path in the specific area of Higher Educational Institutions. · This conference aims to encourage open discussion and better understanding as well as to breakdown the stigma associated with disabilities. · The conference aims to generate inclusive dialogues and interdisciplinary interactions between academia, community organizers, social and legal activists, health care service/providers and government representatives. · The conference will also disseminate good practices about implementation of fundamental human rights for persons with disabilities as set out in the UN standards: independence, freedom of choice, full participation and equal access to political and public life; · The conference will serve as a platform to foster collaboration between various stakeholders to increase understanding and improving accessibility, creating more inclusive spaces for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), specifically in the area of Higher Education in Pakistan. Join us on the 19 & 20 March, 2022 in-person at the at Shaikh Ahmad Hassan School of Law (SAHSOL), LUMS. The conference is hybrid and for those intending to attend it online, Zoom links will be shared prior to the conference. For details of schedule and venues, please visit: For registrations, click here: In-person attendance registrations close on 17 March, 2022. 12 Mar 2022 Download