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Shazia Tasleem Kasi
  • Posted On: 09 May 2023

I wanted to learn about my rights and address the issue of social injustice, particularly the burden placed on women. It is frustrating that females are often made to suffer, and the responsibility of upholding honor and dignity is disproportionately placed on their shoulders.

After completing my 10th grade, I was informed that I wouldn't be able to continue my education due to socioeconomic issues. However, I refused to let these obstacles stand in my way because my brothers didn't have to face the same challenges. Thanks to the support of my father, who is a feminist at heart, I was able to continue my education, even pursuing professional education. I encountered numerous obstacles along the way, but I never gave up and worked hard to achieve the success I have today. I'm proud to have overcome these challenges and accomplished my goals, including starting my own law firm in 2012 and becoming the first female Vice President of the Sindh High Court Bar Association in 2022. My most notable achievements include being selected for the International Visitor Leadership Program in the USA in 2009. 

Despite the fact that most law firms were reluctant to hire female lawyers at the time i started, I persevered, working as a paralegal staff member and handling a range of tasks, including branch work, photocopying cases, and collecting evidence. I often had to work late hours to prepare case files, determined to prove that I could practice law as well as any male lawyer. During my time working at a law firm, I found myself in a unique situation. Despite there being three male lawyers in litigation, I was being called upon by my senior associates to supervise them, despite the fact that they were all more senior than me and earned double my salary. One day, I called a meeting and asked for my salary to be tripled in comparison to the male lawyers. Naturally, they refused, and I ultimately decided to resign from the firm and start my own practice. Three months later, the firm sent me a brief for which their lawyers were unable to obtain the desired brief. I quoted my fee, which was equal to three months salaries of the three lawyers combined, and the firm accepted it. Thanks to my work, we were successful in the case. This experience taught me an important lesson: fortune favors the bold. It's important to always know your worth and to demand acknowledgment for it.