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Naila Dastgir Hashmi
  • Posted On: 06 Aug 2021

“Since childhood, I was interested in being an advocate. I was inspired by the contributions of our leaders mostly from legal profession for the struggle for independence. I was supported in my dreams to pursue this profession by my father, but my experience taught me that there was a huge difference between student life and practical life as the disconnect between education and practice was immense. Initially, getting to a suitable position was also difficult because it is indeed a male dominated profession but my belief that if you have the spirit to do anything, then you can overcome all challenges kept me going. I especially feel happy when I am able to assist a needy person without any consideration. I handle service matters mostly in which I have won many difficult cases. For me it is really an achievement to make a prominent place within few years in this stream. I am thankful to Allah for this success and I encourage everyone to work hard because without hard work there can be no progress. When you aim to achieve a high position in life you will have to work hard to find your destination. As lawyers, we have a great responsibility to make it respectable and noble profession.” - Adv. Naila Dastgir Hashmi