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Kulsoom Abbas
  • Posted On: 09 May 2023

I have learned that women can do anything they want to do but the condition is hard work and consistency in grabbing dreams. All should be determined to do their work and should remain honest because success is always for those who work hard day and night ignoring everything in the world.

I always wanted to be a doctor and for that purpose, I took a lot of gaps but unfortunately, I wasn't able to grab that. I remained a premedical student throughout my school and college life but there was always something in mind why we women are always bound to be a doctor or teachers or otherwise housewives? But I never shared anything with anyone because I was the kind of person who always kept things in her mind. As time passed my brother suggested that I study law, so that we could make our own firm because he was studying law too. He motivated me a lot and I noticed that there is a dire need for women in this field, especially in my city and that is Gilgit Baltistan. There is a village named Yasin where I was born and it takes 4 to 5 hours to reach there from Gilgit. In that place there are a lot of those women who are not studying, they have to take care of their homes and most importantly they are just bound to get married as early as possible which I believe is the worst thing. After observing the situation and receiving offers from my parents I got admission to a prestigious institution named International Islamic University Islamabad and I'm the only girl in my family who is pursuing this degree. So in short, my inspiration is my father who has studied law as well, and my brother who is my biggest supporter till now. 

I'm in the second year of my degree and I aim to be an inspiration to women by working for those who cannot raise their voices for their rights. I will give my best so that the people of my city, especially women, can know their rights and that all are equal, no one is superior to another. Will try to remove Gender discrimination from its roots. There is one thing I'm proud of myself and that is I'm with the women in law initiative which is amazing and I'm learning a lot of new things related to the law from them. This field gives us identity and provides our rights and also if you are not getting your rights or you don't know your rights this field will show you how important we are and how we can play our role in building a successful nation.