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Advocate Nida Khan
  • Posted On: 09 May 2023

Becoming a lawyer was a fortunate event. During the last year of my bachelor's degree in commerce, I faced certain legal issues regarding my side business and had to defend my stance. That was the moment when I decided to pursue law. The major obstacle was stepping into a male-dominated field and gaining recognition among esteemed and renowned lawyers. However, I overcame this challenge by staying focused and consistent. Patience is the key to success, which doesn't come overnight but requires a lot of sacrifice.

I work as if the coming generation is looking up to me to leave a legacy for my daughters and pave the way for them. Women lawyers face a lot of criticism for being passionate, but this must not deter you from your goals. Keeping a positive approach in the field naturally brings strength to me. Women can be ambitious, and there is nothing wrong with it.

My first appearance before the court is a standout memory for me. It was then that I realized becoming a lawyer was my best decision, and there was no looking back. Trust me; you'll be discouraged and advised to switch professions, but telling from my own experience, this profession is rewarding beyond imagination. You will say the same once you become a part of the legal fraternity. "Listen to your heart, take a step towards your goal, and stay firm."

For me, becoming a lawyer is an achievement in itself.