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Advocate Nargis Ahmad
  • Posted On: 10 Feb 2021

“I am a lawyer today because of the wishes of my late father who wanted me to pursue this profession. Unfortunately, he passed away when I was in my final year and so to honour him I remained determined to accomplish his dream and received 2 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze medal in different law subjects. For that I thank Allah who enabled me to accomplish my father’s wish and blessed me.

Once in the profession, I faced economic challenges as there was no stipend for interns, not even travel allowance and so that was very challenging for me as I had to travel all the way to Mall road every day. My colleagues and seniors were however very kind and I was fortunate to be treated with the same respect as anyone else in the firm despite the fact that I was the only female in my office. My seniors, my teachers, my colleagues have been my biggest strength as they have always been encouraging me to overcome my challenges.

I still remember the first time I wore my black coat and argued for a stay order in the court, when I stood before the judge, my heart was pounding, I felt the responsibility that Allah had chosen for me to seek justice for people but even though I was panicked I got that stay order for my client.

Being a lawyer itself is an achievement for me. I feel privileged to guide the people properly in a legal manner for their redressals.  I would advise law students to not to give up on their goals even if it is hard, it is not impossible.”