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Marjan Usman
  • Posted On: 09 May 2023

My sister inspired me to become a lawyer because she was a law student and couldn't complete her education. However, starting to practice law in Sindh while living in Balochistan was a major challenge for me. Adjusting to a new environment and finding a senior mentor to guide and motivate me was difficult, but my family's support helped me overcome these challenges. 

Although there was a moment when I thought about giving up and returning to my hometown, I decided to stay and that decision changed my life as a young lawyer. I worked hard to obtain my license and was the first woman in my batch to do so. I learned the importance of kindness and focusing on my goals. 

Women play a vital role in the justice sector and their equal participation is essential for building nations and for their own success. I encourage women to pursue a career in law and make a difference in the world for this field, nation and most importantly for themselves.