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Mariam Saeed
  • Posted On: 11 Feb 2021

“I was one of the very initial batches who studied the International Degree Programme LLB (Hons) in Lahore. We had excellent teachers but at our time we were not given any court exposure or taught the basics of the Legal system of our Country. Hence, my initial battle includes, studying, comprehending and then practically applying the concepts that were taught at University by combining them with the local laws in order to make a head start for initial research and arguments. Eventually when the time arrived for court appearances again I fell prey to not being acquainted with the local laws. Hence, inter alia, started observing court presentations and with the help of some wonderful mentors and colleagues who were a blessing I made a headway in to some of the most successful and memorable court appearances.

Another area, common to many women colleagues, was the disparity in the number of female and male lawyers and more so the treatment met out to them. It was a struggle no doubt to get recognised as a female lawyer who wanted to do more than just type out arguments or focus on research. I wanted to litigate, I wanted to teach, I wanted to be a part of the justice system, I wanted to help people and more; and all that I wanted to do as a Lawyer. To be honest it was not easy to gain recognition, and there were days I would get depressed. However, I had to get up and show up and prove that a Lawyer is a Lawyer. We are in uniform which eventually becomes our skin. So why should there be any gender disparity and/or discrimination? Slowly but surely, I did get the recognition and was and am still am able to create a positive change and be a part of the justice system as I wanted, for which I thank The Almighty and my dear mentors and colleagues who are now my family.

Today, I am teacher and I am proud of being able to educate & guide young students of Law, who are now not only well-established Lawyers, but are actually contributing to the Law-making process and justice system of Pakistan. This is one of my greatest achievements. I live my dreams through my students and am proud to see my input through them in various aspects of legal awareness and development.

Being a Lawyer is one of the greatest ways in which women can contribute as citizens of Pakistan. This field brings with it power and prestige along with the duty to serve our Nation in a unique manner. As lawyers, we are part of the justice system and can help people in a wide variety of ways. Do not get discouraged with cliché comments and opinions of others. Try not to give up.”